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Sven schrieb am 15.06.2023
Liebe Lisa, vielen Dank für diese wunderschöne Massage, die einfach (fast 🙂 ) keine Wünsche offen lässt. Die Kombination aus klassischer Entspannungsmassage und Erotik ist für mich in dieser Form nach wie vor einzigartig und verlangt nach Wiederholung (schon gebucht). Bis nächste Woche und ganz liebe Grüße Sven
Ahmet schrieb am 12.06.2023
Danke Nikka!
Ronny schrieb am 12.06.2023
Ich hatte wunderschöne 90 min mit Mascha !!! Ihre Fussmassage war der Hammer ! Muß ich unbedingt Mal wiederholen. Bis bald
Erik schrieb am 09.06.2023
As a shy little man I was allowed to meet Aphrodite Massage Team for the first time on the 6th of June. This was very exciting for me. I rang the doorbell at 10:00 AM and the door was opened by a most friendly young lady whose name I don't know yet. When asked if I had an appointment, I couldn't say yes or no. I had tried to schedule an appointment with Masja. This appointment was ruined by myself by first doing the e-mail and then whatapp. But, she said, just come in and with a glass of water, I could relax and she went to investigate. She came back quickly and said very nicely that the appointment was not until 10:30 am with Masja and that she was in the 2nd apartment on Rheinsberger Strasse. I said I thought they had stated on the site that you needed extra time to first relax and take a shower. But that was factored in at the time. So she took the key and led me inside to the massage rooms at the other address. I was introduced to Masja who looked cheerful and took me to the room, where I was allowed to sit down and I was first treated to a glass of water. Because I was a bit early, she reassured me by asking about which language I wanted, which she also spoke and asked what kind of massage I wanted. Through a friend who told me that the erotic massage called Tantra was very nice, she nodded and I could take a shower. Then she gave me a truly incredible masterful Tantra massage with her caressing my body until her body on my body, it was just unbelievable. She has achieved something with professional massage technique that I had never experienced before. After the massage and the shower, I asked her if there were any other types of massage. Then she mentioned, among other things, the sensitive massage. That smelled like more. There was still an appointment to be made, I told her then. Thank you very much for your time and loving effort, Masja.Later that day I saw in my travel schedule that there was still room for an appointment for Thursday morning at 10:00 am. Masja was my first choice but she was not working on the 8th of June. On a list with the names of the masseuses, my eye fell on Rita. An appointment was made in no time. Rita opened the door herself and what a beautiful lady with experience she was. She led me to the massage room and asked if I happened to have added time with the friendliest face of all, as I was already there 5 minutes early. I said 10:00 am we agreed, then you have to be there at 09:55 am. She said I could take a shower and really did everything she could because I can't control a hand that I went to the shower properly. She really indicated that she could help me shower, really so much professionalism and loving approach in her. Then the erotic sensitive massage started and she did it mixed with classical massage. Seriously people, she could make my running gear smooth again like I had never walked those days. Really professional and full of love she made it a top massage. These two masseuses have made me decide to set that as the main goal why I will come to Berlin again in 2024 and visit both of them. Rita, thank you very much for your loving and professional massage. And for those who read this, you must have done and experienced this. What a class apart from Aphrodite Massage Team and in particular from Masja and Rita. Kind regards, Erik
Peter schrieb am 05.06.2023
Ich hatte vor einiger Zeit das Vergnügen, einen Termin Jasmin zu haben. Ein freundliche, fröhliche, hübsche Frau, die fließend englisch spricht. Empfangen in einem schönen Zimmer erhielt ich eine sehr angenehme kundige Massage vom Kopf bis zu den Zehen. In allen Aspekten der Massage weiß sie genau, was sie tut. Ich bin tiefenentspannt nach Hause gegangen. Ihr Lächeln bleibt mir im Gedächtnis. Vielen Danke für die Zeit!
Charles schrieb am 29.05.2023
I had another amazing session with Nika. She is absolutely wonderful, very sensual and will bring you to one of your strongest orgasm with her hand technique. Thank you again Nika, I’ll come back for sure
Luca schrieb am 10.05.2023
Kristina looks better in person than in the pictures. She really has an amazing body and beautiful face. She gave me a really good massage but I spent most of the time playing with her sexy feet and long toes. She had red nails and was having as much fun as I while I was kissing and sucking her toes. In the end she gave me an amazing footjob. Will come back for sure.
Max schrieb am 10.05.2023
Spent an hour with Lana, she is beautiful and gave me a wonderful massage after which I spent almost half an hour playing with her sexy feet. She has sexy long toes and red nails, and was enjoying putting her feet all over my face.
Sven schrieb am 09.05.2023
Ich durfte heute eine wunderschöne Stunde mit Lisa genießen. Du hast es geschafft einen wirklich bisher von mir so noch nie erlebten Spagat zwischen einer sehr angenehmen, wohltuenden und entspannenden klassischen Massage (ich fühl mich total relaxt) und einem wunderbar erotischen Ausklang zu schaffen. Liebe Lise, ich freue mich schon jetzt auf das nächste Mal. Liebe Grüße Sven
Thomas schrieb am 07.05.2023
Die Zeit mit Anastasia war wirklich schön. Hoffentlich kommt sie bald zurück. 🙂
Martin schrieb am 06.05.2023
Vielen Dank für die fantastische Tantra- Massage heute, Jasmine….👍🍆🎆
Torsten schrieb am 05.05.2023
WOW; was für eine fentastische Zeit!!! Nika ist wahrlich umwerfend, wunderschön, einfühlsam, zärtlich und noch vieles mehr. Beste Massage die ich seit ganz lange genossen habe. Ein neuer Termin wird garantiert bald vereinbart.
Sven schrieb am 05.05.2023
I just spent 90 Minutes with Nika and still being totally flashed. This time Nika pampered me with a totally relaxing mixture of classic and tantra massage. Besides, the erotic part was absolutly smashing. Thank you so much Nika and hope to see you again very soon. Best wishes and Kisses Sven
Matthias schrieb am 03.05.2023
I want to leave a review about the girl Jasmine. I was very pleased to feel her hands on my body. She is very exotic beautiful, smells good with tanned delicate skin, long hair. Well-groomed beautiful girl, pleasant in communication. Jasmine you are amazing!
Sven schrieb am 27.04.2023
Dear Nika, I can't really put it into words but nevertheless want to say a great thank you for that hour of tenderness. I enjoyed every minute and still feel your beautiful body on mine and the prickling from your slowly and tenderly stroking hands on my skin. Hope to see you again very soon. Kisses Sven
Charles schrieb am 27.04.2023
Nika is absolutely amazing, what a treat. I had a wonderful time with her, thank you Nika!
Ahmet schrieb am 24.04.2023
Wieder ein tolles Erlebnis mit Nika. Danke 🙏🏻
Lemmy schrieb am 17.04.2023
Vielen Dank für die heiße Massage von einer heißen Frau. Viktoria, du hast mich sehr glücklich gemacht. Ich komme garantiert wieder, LG. Lemmy 😘
Ahmet schrieb am 17.04.2023
Gentleman, ich hatte Glück heute mit Nika 1h verbringen zu dürfen. Diese wundervolle Schönheit ist meine absolute Favoritin. Sie füllt voll und ganz; Aussehen, Mimik, Gestik, Erotik und Charm, meinen Traum von einer Frau. Ich würde so viel mehr mit ihr unternehmen wollen aber allein auch schon die Massage war wundervoll. Danke Nika!!
Martin schrieb am 10.01.2023
Rita hat mich heute so was von verwöhnt. Erfahrene, warme Hände, Öl, weiche Haut – sehr entspannend. Sie ist wunderbar im Kontakt und liebevoll. Gleichzeitig einfach und unkompliziert. Macht glücklich.