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Our erotic massage service

Erotic massages in Berlin Mitte

With us you can enjoy sensual, erotic massages in all variations. Our services range from classic sensitive whole body massages to highly erotic tantra massages and slightly dominant massages. Let yourself be erotically spoiled by our young massage team from head to toe. You can also use your massage skills in a mutual massage and pamper your dream masseuse.

Relax in our large, cozily furnished massage rooms with candlelight and the fragrance of fine oils while you enjoy your favorite massage from your dream woman. We strive to remain loyal to our motto "Better instead of cheaper". Discretion and cleanliness and, above all, the quality of the massage offered by our ladies is our first priority. Of course, we are pleased to pay particular attention to your special wishes.

The way to the erotic massages in Berlin Mitte

You can find us in Berlin-Mitte in a corner house on the one hand in the Brunnenstraße 145 and also in the Rheinsberger Straße 70. Both studios are only a two minutes walk away from each other and are easily accessible by car via Brunnenstraße or Bernauer Straße. Parking is available in Rheinsberger Straße.

Is your dream woman present

On our daily updated attendance list you can check in advance, when your dream woman is present. Also, you can arrange an appointment with your chosen masseuse by phone. We spoil you!

So come over and let us spoil you!
We are looking forward to meeting you! Your Aphrodite Massage Team

Small dictionary of massage

Nuru Massage

In this session you will be massaged with Nuru gel lying on a warm bed. This is a transparent and taste neutral gel, perfect for the hottest and most erotic body-to-body massage ever! If you want, you can change the roles. The Nuru massage gel contains moisturizing Nori seaweed and is also used for spa treatments and relaxation massages. Unlike conventional massage and lubricating gels, Nuru gel does not leave any sticky film, no stains on clothes and is still healthy due to the high moisture content.

Please make an appointment for this massage.
Read more about Nuru massages.

Sensitive massage

The Sensitive Massage is primarily a gentle massage with soft caress. This massage is a true art in which the masseuse finds a balance between sensuality and sexuality.

This gentle form of relaxation goes under the skin and unfolds its effect the longer the massage is taking. Rest and give yourself to the lady's hands. This is what the ladies do in our two massage studios in Berlin Mitte.

Tantra massage

During the tantra massage, the masseuse uses her whole body to get you started. You lie, for example, on your belly and enjoy the intense touches of the breasts, belly and buttocks. This erotic massage technique lets you forget your daily routine. The tender touches of the body and the tingling, erotic proximity gives you strength and vitality. In a very pleasant atmosphere you can let yourself go and experience the massage and the wonderful eroticism of a great woman. Tantra itself (not the massage) is a movement within the Indian philosophy and thus a part of the Indian culture. Tantra is about the encounter of a man and a woman, who together form a spiritual unity. This unity symbolizes the universe and is at the same time regarded as one of the strongest natural sources of vitality and satisfaction. This all-encompassing basic idea is included in the Tantra Massage and transferred into an erotic experience, which man and woman experience together.

Spanish massage

In this massage, the lady primarily uses her breasts for a relaxing and pleasant time. Men want to feel this body part, because nothing makes the femininity of a woman more perceptible than her breasts. During the Spanish Massage, you will enjoy the body of an erotic and pretty woman in a quiet ambiance so that you can rest completely and enjoy the eroticism.

This form of massage is sensual and tingling at the same time, depending on how you like it. Relax fully and enjoy the physical closeness of the lady who knows exactly how to use her body.

Mutual massage

If you like the tantra massage, but also want to intervene at the same time, choose mutual massage. She massages you and you massage her. Feel her soft skin under your hands and give her goose bumps with your touches.

Combination massage

After a strenuous day, you can enjoy the combination of several massages. Tell the masseuse what you want, and you will get a massage package that will fully satisfy you.

Indian massage

The Indian massage is very sensual. Among other things the butt will be spoiled here, he’ll be massaged and stroked with very gentle hands. With this deep erotic massage you can completely let go and give yourself to the touches of the attractive lady. The penis will also be involved.

Everything here is for the comfort of the man so he can be fully focused on the touches and impulses of the massaging lady. The hands are primarily used here, but it is up to the lady how the man is pampered.

Foot eroticism

It is not about your feet, but about the feet of the masseuse. Your penis is going to be lovingly and impulsively pampered with her feet. Lean back, relax and let the pure eroticism go over you!

Aphrodite massage

A masseuse is sometimes simply not enough: decide for the double massage and enjoy four hands on your body. The ladies are well attuned to each other and will surprise you with one or more tricks.

Exclusive: Anal massage

The anal massage is combined with the Indian tantra massage. An intense and at the same time emotional experience awaits you!

You are welcome to send questions or a request, also a critique or praise by E-Mail. We will answer you as soon as possible.