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Foot eroticism and foot massages

Sensual feet

Feet are something wonderful and can be very sensual. A beautiful and well-shaped woman’s foot is special and unique – and can tell a lot about the lady.

Dame mit Füßen

Our attractive ladies, who offer foot eroticism, are all lovers of the foot massage and are passionate about it. The fact that feet tickle is offered does not mean that the ladies are insensitive to small, fine impulses on the soles of the feet. On the contrary, the ladies feel a tingling bliss in the exciting game with the foot base and sway between pleasure and "endurance"!

Foot massage and foot eroticism in Berlin

You don’t want to just caress a really nice foot, but also to take it in the mouth and touch it with the tongue. Take your time for the sensual feet sucking and also sucking the toes. Watch the lady as she enjoys the affection. The foot eroticism, in which you take care of the feet of the attractive lady, is a pleasure for both! Relax completely and enjoy an intimate togetherness as it is only in the foot eroticism.

After a few exciting moments in which you have paid full attention to the feet of the masseuse, you may wish to do even more: With the penis foot massage, the ladies will show you what beautiful and elegant feet are capable of! From gentle, sensitive and enduring to firm and intense - the penis foot massage s for many customers the crowning of foot eroticism.

For foot lovers, we offer::

Our ladies are versatile: do not hesitate to ask our employees also for unusual wishes! We offer a wide range in the field of foot eroticism, as we have ladies in all proportions and with different preferences.